The Caffé

Walking in to Caffe La Tea will instantly bring you a sense of comfort and positive energy. The cafe mixes the earthiness & simplicity of a bodega and the playfulness & zest of modern design….

The bare floors and open ceilings are balanced by the retro-modern pendant lights surrounding the cafe, the walls adorned by lively art pieces and shelves full of things that remind you of the comforts of home.

The colors are dark rich coffee, balanced by the soft touch of cream – just like an aromatic cup of coffee. There’s a touch of teal & lime-apple green to give you the feel of freshness and vibrance of tea.

Afterall, Caffe La Tea is zen and happiness in one cup!

Soft cushions and lazy sofa sets invite each guests to settle in for lounge time or get comfy for hours of chat and laughters with friends or loved ones.

If you’re a cyber junkie, Caffe La Tea can surely satisfy your yearning for internet connection, with the entire cafe offering hi-speed wi-fi to all its patrons.

This is Caffe La Tea, a place buzzing with coziness, laughter, convivial conversation & delightful aroma…


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